Bullshit doesn't build brands, Bravery does.

Imagine you are your country’s national goalkeeper
Since you were little you’ve been trained to stand in between two white posts and hold any ball
Stay within your box. That’s where you have to keep things clean
Endlessly waiting for the ball. Watching your fellow teammates run forward

René Higuita was a man who didn’t want to wait no more
One day, René started to play with his feet

From that day onwards, he reinvented the role of the goalie in a brave new way
By taking on the task of both goalkeeper and fieldplayer, his team would actually play 11 against 10
It resulted in 41 goals, an audience that loved him, mesmerized opponents and eternal fame.

Until this day René Higuita inspires us to answer any question with a surprising but solid solution that leads to success. (Not to mention his moustache, mullet and scorpion saves.)

We can deliver on this promise because we’ve built a team of vakidioten who choose to show bravery in their field of work above bullshit on paper.

Be more René. Be brave

Higuita Amsterdam

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The Rules
of our game.

Life's short, we make it brighter for everyone

If you would have one week left on earth, would you wish to look at hideous design and listen to bad jokes? No? We thought so...

We will always surprise with creative concepts, campaigns and designs to fall in love with and that will stop you from scrolling on to the next thing.

  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Copywriting
We are dev and design nerds, and we are good

Being co-founded by two highly skilled developers makes us experts in building your superbly designed online business. Technically we can build anything. Test us.

  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
We're the rock that creates your ripples

We are advocates of unorthodox business thinking that brings change and/or sales. The reason why you came to us in the first place is that you can’t solve everything yourself. Plus, it is nature’s law that action brings reaction. Throw rock, watch ripple.

  • Business Advice
  • Partnerships
We talk to humans, not a set of numbers

In most cases, you will come to us to reach a wider audience in new ways. Audiences consist of human beings, not codewords like GRPs and ROI.

That’s why we offer personal and bespoke on- and offline media advice and media buy.

  • Media advice & buy
Digital activations Social campaigns Websites Amazing stuffDigital activations Social campaigns Websites Amazing stuffDigital activations Social campaigns Websites Amazing stuffDigital activations Social campaigns Websites Amazing stuff

Meet our Vakidioten

  • Jorn de geus

    Business Mentalist And Three Hour Workday Advocate

  • Tom Hoogenboom

    Html-4 Nostalgist & Aspiring Nobility Class Member

  • Martijn Hermans

    Disinformation Architect & Dog Shouter

  • Niek Eijsbouts

    X-ray Visionary And Absent Father Of Three

  • Eva van Uden

    Proces Optimizer & Standing Desk Evangelist

  • Joost Leek

    Visual Smörgåsbrodist & Former Vip Table Poseur

  • Jan Wicher Emmens

    Creative Writing For Dummies Dummie & Collector Of Vintage Expletives

  • Lyzanne Jonker

    Design Overthinker And Recovering Cheese Addict

  • Etienne Planeix

    Figma Freak & Professional Pinot Noirist

  • Noah Senteur

    Back-end Boyband Member & Body Art Regretter

  • Bram Willem van der Kuip

    Raging Code Cleaver & Dubious Streetwear Reseller

  • Ewoudt Boonstra

    Creative Fusionist & Unapologetic Rider Of Loud Machines

  • Winnie Hofstra

    Adjective Archivist & New Kid On The Block Fanclub Founder