stand out and
do the obvious

Stand out and do the obvious

One day, Colombias national goalkeeper René Higuita had an obvious idea. He started playing away from his goal to join his fellow field players. What happened was that his team outnumbered the opponent with an extra player to defend. This tactic turned him into a remarkable footballer, the inventor of surprising saves and made him one of the all-time top scoring goalkeepers. Renés surprisingly simple thinking inspires us to answer any briefing with creative, yet effective obvious advice. Because in todays on & offline world, the solution should be found much closer than you think. The art is in bringing it to any audience in an easy manner.

We believe in
the obvious

  • We make it surprisingly simple

    We spend an average of 0,7 seconds on ads. That's why our campaigns, designs, content and website are simply clever, well told and good looking

  • We are nerds in design and development

    Since we are co-founded by developers, our online environments are superbly designed and coded with precision. Technically we can build anything. Test us.

  • We are your extra man

    Like René on the pitch, we are the extension of your marketing or digital department with business advice, bespoke media planning and other in-house expertise

meet the team
  • Etienne Planeix
  • Jan Wicher Emmens
  • Jorn de Geus
  • Lyzanne Jonker
  • Martijn Hermans
  • Niek Eijsbouts
  • Tom Hoogenboom
  • Winnie Hofstra
  • Joost Leek
  • Puck Stallinga
  • Wesley Kennis
Bravery beats Bullshit
Higuita is made of art-directors, copywriters, digital designers, developers, brand strategists and creative producers. They chose to build brands with bravery instead of with bullshit. Just have a look at what they pulled off last year…
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    “Higuita deeply understands branding and everything digital”

    Ayushman Talwar, Founder Hable
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    Marcel van Roosmalen, writer/journalist
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    Martijn van de Ven, Founder WeFabricate
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    “Nice work”

    Jan Eijsbouts, Guildsman St. Joris Guild Asten