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Created with:Happiness Brussels

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With the Belgian agency Happiness Brussels we formed ‘The Good’, a collaboration of two creative agencies. Our task? To build a long term communication platform for Dutch classifieds site Marktplaats and its Belgian sister 2dehands/2memaine, all part of the Adevinta group.

The toys test

You don't have to change the world to change the world. Sometimes you just have to look at it through the eyes of a child. One of the highlights of our long term brand positioning campaigns is this festive season campaign set around toys. To inspire (grand)parents to give second-hand toys as gifts instead of new ones, we invited 14 Dutch families for a unique toy test.

What happened was that the children gave their parents a different perspective on the value of second-hand toys.

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Unscripted and totally controlled

With the guidance of director Tom Rijpert and film producer Bo Polak a great crew managed to grasp these authentic reactions of both parents and children. The families were not informed that Marktplaats invited them. Upon arrival, parents were asked for their opinion about second-hand toys as gifts instead of new ones. Separated from their parents, the children were invited into a room full of second-hand toys. The difference in the perception of parents and the actual reaction of their children could not have been greater. Children reacted with great enthusiasm when entering the room while parents expressed their doubts about 'used' toys in front of the camera. Children's real emotions show that they see no difference between new and second-hand. They see toys.


With this new campaign, Marktplaats responded to the social discussion about mass consumption behavior and the importance of reusing products. By opening people’s eyes to the value and significance of second-hand products, the classifieds site aims to further increase consumer awareness, towards a more circular economy.

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You don’t have to change the world to change world

Within a span of two years we launched over 10 different campaigns that demonstrate the impact and beauty of trading goods in a good way. Whether it’s couches, cars, baby carriers or wooden toy trains, if you choose to buy something second hand over new, you are already making a difference. Multiply this by the acts of 8 million Marktplaats users a month and we are giving our planet a big breath of fresh air.

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We couldn’t have done this without…

Happiness Brussels, Daan de Raaf, Bauke Nater, Liselotte van der Lugt, Bo Polak, Cake Film & Photography, Henk Loorbach, Tom Rijpert, Jorrit Kleijnen, DeGrot, Iris Duvekot, Hielke Praagman and the lovely cast and crew of every production, big or small. You’re all, a little bit, world changers.