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Since its inception 50 years ago employment agency Unique has always done things differently from its competitors. Hence their current key message ‘Kijk verder.’ They know that by looking further than a resumé or past experience of candidates, they can make a more personal, more sustainable match for a candidate. One in which you will actually grow as a person.

In a nationwide campaign with a focus on video Unique wanted to reacquaint itself with their audience. We created a film in which we laughed in the face of research saying there are only 16 types of personality, celebrated diversity and urged the viewer to not accept their work status quo and look further.

Unique A
Unique B

A new

Part of Unique’s new brand positioning was the redesign of their virtual home: Because our campaigns were significantly led by bold headlines, we wanted this same tone of voice to be heard in every corner of their website as well. Together with the heroes of our campaign that were shot in their everyday surroundings, the website now plays an active role in landing every visitor in the right environment.

Unique Website 1
Unique Website 2
Unique Website 3

From awareness to conversion

After the first brand awareness campaign we followed up with two new campaign flights in which we focused on getting possible candidates to sign up. With copy lines that urged people to review their current job, we made them look further at Unique’s offer.

Unique Ooh 1
Unique Ooh 2
Unique Ooh 3

We couldn’t have done this without…

The colorful choreography of director Johan Kramer, the wonderful wordsmithing of creative Allard Jaspers, production magic by Holy Fools, fenomenal cast via The Movers and creative and strategic go-to-guy Wilbert Leering.