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It might be hard to imagine, but getting or having a job isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Oh hello USG Restart. This recruitment agency accompanies people who want to work but have difficulty getting a job, on their personal path towards a place that acknowledges their talent. Who doesn’t want that, right?

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Work gives you more than an income

Whether it’s a bump you’re suddenly facing in your current job or can’t find your way into the workplace at all: USG Restart believes that a big part of the secret of self worth is finding a job that sees and makes use of your talents. USG Restart is very good at making companies and colleagues see your talent. This message was at the heart of a brand redesign and campaign to reintroduce this wonderful company to a wider audience.

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We see your talent

Some perceive the work of USG Restart as less relevant for business. We know better. Because people who work at a place where they are truly appreciated, are more productive people. USG Restart makes sure their candidates not only find their workplace but also stay happy and motivated for a long time. This all came together in a fresh tagline: On the road to work of value.


Since every case for USG Restart is based on a very personal and unique situation, one that people often don’t feel comfortable with talking about, we decided to make use of unique illustrations to show what USG Restart does and for whom. We dubbed this the Restart effect, in a breezy and uplifting slightly abstract style, we showed different but recognizable situations about work and life. Situations that USG Restart improved in a feel good way.

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The result was a redesign that made sure people understood USG Restart not only has a very personal way of working, but also has an outspoken and optimistic outlook on work. We went for a brand design that made their pride palpable and added a let’s-fix-this mentality, thanks to witty headlines, warm photography, bold typography and bright colours, a combination that made them stand out in their field.

We couldn’t have done this without...

We couldn’t have done this without the thorough frame-of-mind (see what we did there) of Gino Hoiting and Bas Mooij, the human gaze of Jordi Huisman, the audibly appealing Nando Eweg and amazing Iryna Korshak.