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Working in healthcare is special. You get so much in return from helping people who rely on your expertise and care. Right? Yes. But the truth is that it can also be very demanding and stressful. For a lot of people it’s a calling, but for most it’s a job. With this insight in mind we developed a new brand proposition, identity and campaign for VariantZorg, a Dutch employment agency for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare is not charity

The lack of flexibility and the pressure experienced by healthcare workers are two big reasons people leave their job. This poses a major challenge in a market where there is a tremendous demand for healthcare professionals. That's why VariantZorg, as a healthcare intermediary, takes a different approach. In order to address the high turnover rate and career changes, VariantZorg is committed to doing everything possible to create a comfortable, flexible, and rewarding work environment for its employees, without creating unrealistic expectations about the nature of the work itself.

Most healthcare organizations focus on the ‘it’s a calling’ and ‘it’s so rewarding’ side of the job, This resulted in the new proposition and brand identity for VariantZorg. One in which we were able to tell a different story from the competition. In a strong, outspoken and energetic way.

Exactly what your day needs

The proposition speaks to healthcare workers in a positive but honest way. Telling them it’s perfectly fine to see their work as a regular job that deserves fair payment and conditions. But also making clear that VariantZorg has an answer for the more demanding aspects of the work. ‘Precies wat je dag nodig heeft’ (‘Exactly what your day needs’) is a pay-off with a practical unpretentious ring to it. But also getting across that VariantZorg is the solution you’re looking for as a healthcare worker.

Dial it up or down: whatever works for you

For the logo we wanted to accentuate the control people have through VariantZorg on their work life balance. This balance differs for everyone so we used the ‘o’ of VariantZorg as an abstract dial that people can adjust to their liking.

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The photography shows actual ‘VariantZorgers’ in a confident and often active way, interacting with the logo and other elements of the visual identity. These people know it can be a tough job but like to get things done because VariantZorg makes sure they can focus on what is great about healthcare: working with people who rely on you.

This way the visual identity reflects the energetic can do attitude of the VariantZorg team. It boasts bold colors, expressive fonts and made the people who actually work for VariantZorg part of the branding.

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For the brand campaign we came up with headlines that were slightly confrontational. A copy construct throws up a bold statement about the reality of working in healthcare, always followed by a solution or positive message from VariantZorg.

We turned some of these headlines into a manifest that was used in the brand movie which again featured actual VariantZorgers delivering an empowering message.

We couldn't have done this without...

We couldn’t have done this without the flexibility of photographer Noortje Knulst, the subtle moves of videographer Mo Schalkx, the on camera talent of VariantZorgers and the magnificent ears of RECSound.