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To enter the world of road cycling as a rookie is tough. It is very technical, performance focussed and mostly a solo affair. Such a shame! Because cycling is fantastic and even better when enjoyed together. That is why YouTube cycling sensation Tour de Tietema decided to break open the world of cycling for everyone.

Growth follows good times

With their unique and engaging video content Tour de Tietema showed that there is more to cycling than losing weight of your bike frame (and body). They’ve reached a huge following with content of crazy challenges, general silliness and getting close to cycling pro’s. But there were bigger ambitions.

The goal:“ To get as many people as possible to exercise and feel better through cycling. ”


A name that makes you feel good

endore is derived from endorphin, the opioid peptide that the body produces when you’re in love, in pain, physically exercising and during an orgasm, amongst other interesting situations. Needless to say it was a very relevant base for a new brand that wants to make you feel good by riding a racing bike.

Break your boring

The look and feel of endore oozes good times. A period in your life when you saw your friends so often they felt like family. endore is the buddy that never grew up and gets you to go out together like you used to. Always in for something fun and adventurous. The added bonus? Now it’s healthy too.

This mentality is made visible with vibrant energetic colors, soft, slightly nostalgic graphic elements and an outspoken brand voice that jests and motivates.

A fit for every smile

We also got the opportunity to design the actual activewear collection, a first for us. When doing our research (trying on way too many tight fitting shorts) we realized most cycling brands are boring and exclusively focus on performance.

We made sure that the pieces in the collection were all about having a good time. We designed a basic (‘high five’), high end (‘breakaway’) and capsule collection (‘extra-ordinaire’).

& ride

An ambitious brand deserves a great online presence, and an equally great shopping experience. Built on BigCommerce, it handles the busiest moments with ease while keeping it hassle free for both customers and business.

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An integrated fulfillment-partner helps us send your orders right as you finish them. All automated, no mistakes and most importantly: effortless!

We wouldn’t have made it to the finish line without…

Josse ‘one more wheelie and I smack you’ Wester, Bas ‘what’s in a name’ Tietema, Maarten ‘e-commerce before endorphins’ Duineveld, Devin ‘post it online first, sue me later’ van der Wiel, Wim ‘gravel and number cruncher’ Geraats, Harry ‘Can I make a picture of you shaving your legs?’ Brieffies.

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