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The shared electric scooter brand Check is in a continuous battle for market share with other shared mobility options in major Dutch cities. They asked us to create a social media campaign to increase brand preference and push rentals.

An exclusive electric offer.

We decided to build some rumor around the brand by leveling up their ride. Together with Pon, the mother brand behind Check and importer of Porsche, we offered an electric Porsche Taycan within the Check app for a limited period only.

Crowd roars, app crashes

The social stunt was a huge success for Check. The average of 300 app users a day was exceeded massively during the days of the campaign, climaxing in a peak of 3.000 users per hour. It even led to a temporary meltdown of the Check app. The amount of Instagram followers grew with 5% thanks to the campaign and several online news media published articles about the stunt.

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  • 137.925

    video plays

  • 5%

    Followers increase

  • -

    From 300 users a day to a peak of 3.000 users per hour

  • -

    National and local media publications

  • -

    Up to 51% email open rate and 24% click rate

  • -

    11.748 ThruPlays at €0.04 per ThruPlay

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We couldn’t have done this without…

Pon, production company Big Shots and the amazing engine acting skills of Tariq and Nour.