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The best message from a sustainable smartphone brand is, of course, "don't buy us." The second best? Get the Fairphone 5. This smartphone has specs comparable to the competition, but blows other brands out of the water with a long-lasting modular build. To spread this great news for our planet and smartphone-dependent people (hello EVERYONE!), we were asked to come up with a launch film that was as much about the product as it was about the brand.

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Welcome to Fairstreet

In the main film we take viewers through Fairstreet where we follow our hero, and through her actions and encounters, we introduce the new Fairphone 5. We told the story in three acts with a perfect loop. All to prove the new Fairphone 5 is designed for you. Made fair.

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Behind the scenes

Next to the launch film, we produced a product video that tells all about the new piece of tech. While we were behind the scenes, we filmed a "guided tour" highlighting all of the Fairphone 5 features.

We couldn’t have done this without...

The smartphone addicts of rubenpaulruben, guided tour cinematographer Mickey Vissers, ringtone master Bram Kniest, speakerphone specialists RecSound and Hielke Praagman, lead actress aka selfie cam champ Rubiën, product tour guide Lauren Maxwell and the friends at Fairphone: Kim de Winter, Jan Blaffert, Jan Kohler, Kuriakose Vaisian and Jennette Plooij.