Leave the drama to the real actors


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With today’s tsunami of viewing options on streaming platforms, picking a movie to watch can be a dramatic experience; four out of ten people cancel their movie watching plans because of indecisiveness and choice related stress. Luckily, with the four linear ad-free movie channels of Film1 there’s always a good movie that you can watch from the beginning.

Watching a good movie shouldn’t be a drama. The only drama in your living room should be on your screen. So we hired some actors to portray film-watching drama’s. We made it all happen in a classical casting setting.

The voice-over concludes by saying to stop searching and start watching, because all you need to do is to leave the drama to the real actors on Film1.

Fil M1 1
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Friends and family in a frenzy of rage

Since Film1 is for every type of household we made sure different actors showed up at our casting session. A young couple, a father and her daughter and two friends. They all got instructed to search for a movie for different reasons. And then the mayhem kicked in… The worse they acted, the better our point.

Pretty meta if you ask us, but the internet loved it. Bad actors play good actors to show that drama should be left to real actors.

To communicate to leave the drama to the real actors on Film1 we created a mashup of faces with very over the top emotions like anger and desperation.

We couldn't have done this without...

Countless actors that didn’t make the cut but got some useful experience in rejection, production company Ruben Paul Ruben (especially Ruben in particular), Willie Wartaal (WiWa, Wiwaleantje) for his exemplary sense of irony and self-mockery, everybody at Film1 for their willingness to be surprised by us. And finally, Steven Seagal for just being Steven Seagal.