An unstoppable drive

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Created with:Resoluut

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Financial leasing for businesses. You’re still reading? Great. The process to get your car financed is not something that entrepreneurs look forward to. It’s impersonal and your business will be thoroughly vetted. does things differently. By simplifying the process and really trying to help the client and actually listen to their needs. Design studio Resoluut asked us to come up with a 360 campaign and build upon their brand foundation of how always makes it happen.

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Kinetic. Energetic.

We wanted the campaign to be kinetic and energetic, starring real entrepreneurs. We followed them during a regular working day, because nothing sounds better than a business owner getting things done for clients. The tagline is made of a powerful and recognizable Dutch expression that nicely translates a can-do work ethic: Aan de bak. It implies there is a lot to be done and no time to waste. #letsgo

Dancing to the same beat

We used the new brand identity by Resoluut to create campaign visuals that were filled to the brim with vitality. Boldly designed statements that illustrated Aan de bak were combined with sturdy animation and fresh contrasting colors.


We couldn't have hit the road without...

Photography and film duo Bill Tanaka, music composer and sound designer Bram Kniest, editor Gert-Willem Visser, director of photography Boje Ploeg, producers Mick Brand and Isabel Kemme, Ashley, Anna and the rest of the Resoluut crew and obviously team with Kimberley van Everdingen, Roosmarie Kramer, Amanda van de Plas en Jerlijn Kasmani.