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If you’re looking for a nice new job or colleague within design, development or another digital role, GoDo is your go-to recruitment agency. They’re as fun as the jobs they offer. Because they want to know everything about their clients and candidates. Yes, everything. Even the name of their pets. That’s how they always find the right fit. We did a rebranding and built a new website that fits GoDo’s lively personality.

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A match made in heaven

With their team full of bubbly, active characters and personal way of working, GoDo is not the Plain Jane of the recruitment world. So, we wanted them to look far from that. We gave them a fresh new look to attract new companies and candidates. We choose contrasting colors that really pop out. And just like no candidate or client of them is like the other, none of the used shapes in the brand are either. We designed round forms that have a nice contrast with the straight content blocks of the website. Round also gives you that feeling of trust. Besides that, we created different energetic shapes. If they could speak, they would be saying to you: GoDo it!

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While attracting new companies and candidates with this new branding, it’s important that they will land on not only an appealing website, but also one that works as smoothly as possible. GoDo was using an outdated WordPress setup. We brought them up to speed by upgrading it with a headless setup based on NextJS. It also seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn, their Applicant Tracking System. We helped their website into the modern age. Now, applying for a nice new job will be super fast and easy peasy.

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We couldn't have done this without...

The friendly faces of the GoDo team. Like literally, if it wasn’t for Riëtte we wouldn’t have found some of our lovely teammates that worked their magic on this project.