Bring some yeeehawww to the table


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Countless books have been written about the best poker strategies, but none of them focus on how to have the most fun as a player. Governor Of Poker 3 a high quality mobile game where you don’t play for money but for a cool cowboy hat. No really.

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It takes players to a fictional version of the mid-19th-century West Coast of North America, and lets them guide their avatars from humble beginnings around a campfire to high-stakes poker tables in Las Vegas.

This setting, together with gamestudio Playtika's vision on game development made us come up with the campaign tagline: "Bring some yeeehawww to the table."

In the TV commercial a physiotherapist creatively solves a small work challenge in a manner that embodies the feeling of playing Governor Of Poker 3 – with humor and bravado. Two ingredients that make everything in life better.

Bring some yeeehawww to the streets

During the campaign and around the premiere of the blockbuster movie Napoleon we entered the Paris metro with a billboard campaign that showed the former French emperor in his wild west gear.

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In The Netherlands we used icons like ‘Sinterklaas’ and Santa arriving at a western party. We wanted these visual to represent the same style as the traditional painting of Napoleon, so we asked AI to generate the image. The cowboy hat and poker details were replaced by our image retouchers.

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We couldn’t have done this without…

The mischievous movie makers of rubenpaulruben, the banjo obsessed sound engineer Hielke Praagman, the always-in-line dancing cast via Dutch Casting Agency, the visual players of Retatchi and steady card dealing hands of Playtika’s Wieger Sturm and Jürgen Stirnweis.