A self-driving ambulance to replace healthcare personnel

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Medi Interim takes good care of the careers of healthcare professionals. Not an easy feat in a field that has numerous challenges. One of which is of course the shortage of people. So the rhetorical but urgent question Medi Interim asked their audience was: can healthcare still function without them?

To answer this, a self-driving ambulance was built and unleashed on an unsuspecting audience in Amsterdam. The car drove to a staged accident in an effort to bring medical aid without a driver or other healthcare personnel. From this event we made different video edits for social media to create awareness for the issue.

Healthcare Needs You

We created a dedicated website in which the beauty of working in healthcare was
displayed through three different testimonies. These people all decided to re-enter into healthcare after choosing different career paths. The living example of why working in healthcare can be so rewarding.

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Our campaign video was picked up and shared by different online news and healthcare media outlets. In the following weeks the buzz around Medi Interim peaked and consultants of the organization reported only positive feedback from partners, clients, and others in the field of healthcare. Awareness for the issue was raised and Medi Interim was put on the map.

The ambulance in the video was in reality being steered by a stuntman, hidden inside the seating of the car. When the car arrived at the accident the doors opened automatically and a drone flew around to give first aid. To make this possible the ambulance itself was customized by Car Casting Holland.

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We couldn’t have done this without…

The indestructible wire and needles of Car Casting Holland, the creativity, devotion and attention of director Jan Boon and his WeFilm crew, the cool feathers of Hendrik the stunt pigeon and the trust of the team at Medi Interim.