Put an end to dirty soap


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Every year, hundreds of millions of liters of soap filled with fossil ingredients go down the drain in The Netherlands alone. Seepje (‘Soaply’) aims to put an end to this dirty soap with their superhero soaps and washing detergents, which consist of at least 99,8% natural ingredients. To make the world a cleaner place, more and more people need to become aware that they can make a difference while keeping their home and clothes fresh with Seepje. Well, that’s where we came in.

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Clean your world with every wash

In Dutch it sounds like ‘Was je wereld schoner’ - that’s their new pay off we typed. Starting from there we created a campaign full of copy lines with stopping power and designed to trigger an audience that is considering a more sustainable lifestyle. The use of a soapy font makes the headlines stand out even more. For the overall design, we went for colors that exude freshness, liveliness and make you want to smell the soaps right now. The soap bar, a nod to Seepje’s iconic packaging, became an essential element.

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Freshness from your couch and in your street

This long-running nationwide out-of-home fun-to-see campaign was rolled out in The Netherlands, combined with TV billboarding on Dutch and Flemish commercial channels.

We couldn’t have done this without…

Our noses. If it wasn’t for them we couldn’t have smelled all those lovely soaps. Hielke Praagman for the squeaky clean sound design. Match My Brand to make the campaign sparkle on the different media. And of course the always bubbly team of Seepje: Jasper, Hester and Evelien.