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USG Finance has a human centered approach to work. Only if you feel confident enough to be yourself you’ll be able to unlock your full potential. This sounds nice in theory. But to get this message across to attract the right kind of financial starters, we decided to put it to the test.

Through an online game we dropped financial starters in front of a fictional ceo who was in the midst of a take over. This executive was of the old school kind and represented a career not worth pursuing. He was over de top egomaniac, bullish and ignorant. Laughably so.

As a player you had to listen to his financial questions, cut through his bullshit bingo and show the ceo that you actually know your stuff. Depending on the amount of answers you got right,the ceo would end the meeting on a different note. From very disappointed to let’s-play-golf-next-week. Giving the player an even more immersive experience.

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We made sure this ceo was super cringy by styling him like something that walked straight out of the ‘Wall street’ movie set and having him say the most outrageous things about himself and the takeover he was supposed to manage. This way players felt more compelled to just be themselves and teach this dinosaur a lesson.

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We couldn’t have done this without…

150 rows of Excel filled with financial jargon, the finely tuned sense of humor of director Nils Gerbens, the trust and input of Gerard Slot, critical eye of Nikki Wester (both USG Finance) and productional magic of Bo Polak.

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